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Image by Chris Lawton

NDRI’s Purpose 


To advance the collective human potential and develop technology and systems that have a positive effect on life, nature and our environment.


NDRI’s Mission


To develop educational structures, modelled and based around micro-enterprise and to pursue an academic and open-source digital resource & learning centre. 


By networking & sharing with local, bioregional and global communities / organisations, we are working towards creating integrated learning, working and living systems that will benefit generations to come. Our commitment is to research, development and dissemination of knowledge while promoting ventures that are beneficial to both the environment and community economies.


NDRI’s Charity aims to help


Financially disadvantaged people, the general community in Australia, those in rural / regional / remote communities and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.


With the Purpose to:

  1.  Advance education

  2.  Advance / protect the natural environment

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