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Culture has always been apart of Country, the Land. In a society built on capital gains, expansion of Empires and laws keeping us in place, we have lost the importance of what ancient knowledge holds. 

NDRI is assisting with the reinstatement of culture as an active part of Australia's Societal & Environmental Development & Welfare. 

As a society, we know life is sacred. For thousands of years, the management of lands and the life it holds was held in a careful balance. The reading of Country was passed down through generations. This understanding of Country and community allowed for prosperous and healthy lands 

NDRI & Fyah Lore', Cusodial Liasons are working together to create a 'Custodial Durty of Care'. The new benchmark for Cultural Awareness. A standard that incorporates Countries Knowledge Keepers and the necessity of recognising the importance of Culture and its future, in an ever more instant world. 

Duty of Care
Cultural Liasion
The reinstatement of Cultural Australia

Working together with local Indigiouness groups we are developing 'Duty of Care' packages to help assist private landholders, Local & State governments and corporations alike in their understanding of matters of Cultural significance and Cultural assessment. 

We connect and assist native landholders to government & Commercial entities for the means of Cultural Asset Protection. 

Working including but not limited to NDRI's "Duty of Care" packages and Certifications for Land, ensuring that all measures are followed to protect assets (that being the land and its associated/attributed environment, inhabitants, local flora & Fauna) and assisting with projects so that their timelines are met in a considerate and respectful manner.

Yearly Fee - award certification. (maybe look at Enviro Tourism Award)

Undertaking these practices, which is assessed by us. We provide you with accreditation. 

Depending on where this land is, it will fall under a particular group's Country. 


Yearly fee to wear the badge. $...

Site/company assessment fee $...

So, a small landholder can purchase a package based on land size & degradation of Country (time to bring upto par.)

and is assessed by us. 
Similar for business also. If they are farms etc...

Carbon Assesment for properties to make their site Carbon Neutral. 

We can assist them with this. Create a plan to burn, regenerate (plant) over a 5-year plan with the landholder. They receive the badge as soon as they pay, but we work with them to create a land management plan, of which we can supply the services, tree's burning & native grasses. Can also assist with Grant applications for possible endangered species Regeneration. 

DA & council works/ building will have a fee structure provided based off assessment 

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