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Blending Science & Culture

gives us a comprehensive approach to Land Management, allowing us to Re-ignite Community to Country,  Eco-Systems and Energy Cycles...


Cultural Land Management 

Our understanding of how trees and forests influence water, energy and carbon cycles has important implications, both for the structure of planning, management and governance institutions, as well as for how trees and forests might be used to improve sustainability, adaptation and mitigation efforts.

The Aim
To research, investigate, record and collaborate with the original custodians of the land.

There were 500+ Nation groups in Australia prior to colonisation by the English. Each had stewardship of their lands, each with their own dialects, history and knowledge of their country. This knowledge is the culmination of 10’s if not 100’s of thousands of years of living on and with the land, its flora and fauna. The continent now known as ‘Australia’ had been scoured, surveyed and mapped. It’s plants and animals named and identified, their uses, attributes, personalities and places/spaces marked and protected. From these millennia of interaction with the local environment, 500+ “land management” protocols had been developed. 


Our aim is to collaborate with as many Indigenous Nations to help establish Cultural-Historical documentation and land management protocol that encompasses these practices and knowledge and create documentation for future generations,  to better understand what we can re-establish and in turn Care for Country.

The Fxing of Country

From our research we have found that the land management practices were highly sophisticated, well planned, timed and professionally executed.


The land was mapped into flora and fauna types, each with its own ecosystem. Many of the practices have been labelled ‘Hunter Gatherer’ or ‘Nomadic’. However, the methodology used was that of high sophistication and the management styles and systems were passed down via initiations, not dissimilar to modern-day apprenticeships. Providing highly skilled, highly educated participants, ruling out any speculation of luck. To believe that these practices were just those of “primitive” peoples attempting to catch scared animals, who nomadically roamed just looking for food is empirically incorrect.

It would appear that the short-sightedness, ignorance, mistreatment and destruction perpetrated through the history of people in power led to the vast amount of indigenous knowledge being almost lost. 

The mismanagement of Country for the past 200 years has led to devastating wildfires that have taken many lives, destroy habitats, homes, communities and cost billions of dollars in damages.

The current system we have in place has clearly failed. The research would indicate that there is a necessary and compelling urgency to review the current land management models we operate under and allow for old knowledge practices to be blended into the national land management systems we currently have in place.

NDRI has now been approached by more than 10 Native Title body holders, with the request to help re-establish, record, develop & implement their Cultural Heritage, by reviewing and recording these cultural histories, language, land management systems, ecosystem Lore’s and to create a true custodial management plan and overview based on the Nations protocols.


We have been requested to help establish a legacy for peoples of the world to access and truly show how magnificent things were and could be.

Cultural Sciences & Research Partnership

Culture is the backbone of society, "From whence it came, so shall it return".

NDRI has partnered with Fire Lore, an indigenous-led, custodial fire management, consultancy & training organisation.

The only GOOD FIRE is the RIGHT FIRE.

The Fire Lore Team is comprised of the Githabul and Naraakbul Nation's elders and traditional title holders and family from Northern NSW Australia, endorsed by Uncle Victor Steffensen from Tagalaka Country, Tipan Kuku in Northern Qld, Australia. Who, over decades of tradition and passing of knowledge are official 'Fire Stick' traditional cold burn LORE keepers within Australia.

NDRI is currently working with

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